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Barisi Village FAQ

Welcome to our FAQ page. Here, you'll find answers to common questions about our development, from design philosophy to amenities. Keep in mind, details may change, so stay updated by subscribing to our email or following us on social media.

What type of housing will be available and what are the price ranges?

Our village accommodates various income levels, from starter apartments above our restaurant to courtyard villas. Housing options include multi-family residences, single-family homes, townhomes, and age-restricted living.

How can one stay updated on the project's progress?

Stay informed about the latest updates by regularly checking our website and social media, subscribing to our email list, participating in our local events, or reaching out to us directly.

Why a village?

A village combines traditional community values with modern living. This approach allows us to create spaces where people can form strong, lasting connections while enjoying a unique and enriching lifestyle that stands the test of time. 

Can the public join the Golf Club?

Yes, the golf club will be open to the public.

Will Barisi Village be as nice as Adriatica in McKinney, TX?

Definitely, sharing its core concept with Adriatica, Barisi Village will be much larger and offer more luxuries. We plan to use our experience from Adriatica to make Barisi our most exceptional project to date. 

What luxuries will Barisi Village have to offer?

The village will offer an array of luxuries, including Pickleball courts, banquet rooms, a lazy river, a nature preserve, a par-3 golf course, swimming pools, and more.

When will the village be finished?

After finishing phase 1, the village will present a sense of completeness. However, in tune with market conditions and the natural progression of time, the village is poised to grow and evolve organically, just as a true village should. 

What types of stores will be there?

The village will host a range of establishments such as restaurants, coffee shops, clothing, and other retail shops. Although the specifics are still unfolding, the village's natural growth will shape our dynamic mix of shops and eateries.

Who manages Barisi Village?

Jonathan Gonzales

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