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Site Plan

Site Plan

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All site plans, uses, visuals, or other materials presented are for illustrative purposes and should not be used for any other purpose.

Design Principles

Design Principles


Evolution Based

The ancient villages that inspire the design of Barisi developed over thousands of years based on the changing needs of the people who inhabited them. In the same thinking, Barisi is designed for long-term adaptive reuse and is built using materials contextual to the environment.



Villages function best when their DNA is made up of people from different walks of life who come together to protect, engage with, and further their community. Barisi is envisioned to serve various income levels and generations and is designed to foster social engagement and the transfer of wisdom.


Hyper-Local and Responsive

Barisi is designed with the needs of the 'villagers' in mind and mixes uses both vertically and horizontally. This allows for various modes of transportation and encourages walkability. This method of design furthers the mission of longevity and adaptability while benefiting from the cumulative personality of everyone who lives, works, or stops by.



The lifeblood of a village is its people—whether that be people who inhabit it for an afternoon of a lifetime. In the case of Barisi, this extends beyond just the physical boundaries of the property, into surrounding neighborhoods and across the Coastal Bend. Barisi is, at its core, meant to bring people together.


Barisi Village FAQ

Please note: The information provided in this FAQ is subject to change. Please be aware that circumstances and details may evolve, and we strive to keep you updated. We recommend contacting us for the most current and accurate information regarding our development and its offerings.

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