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A New Life On The Bay


Design Principles

By design, we bring people together.

Barisi Village: A Visionary Triumph

After exploring various properties in the Coastal Bend, Jeffory D. Blackard shifted his attention to the abandoned Pharoah Valley Golf Course, realizing its potential for a village and economic revitalization through development.


Garnering support from neighboring Pharoah Valley homeowners through a signed petition, and a decade of legal processes, Jeff successfully acquired the land, laying the foundation for transformation.

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Environmental Stewardship

Closely intertwining development with environmental stewardship, our village is designed to complement, not compromise, the surrounding nature. Our careful planning, which includes a nature preserve and a par 3 golf course, prioritizes the preservation of the area's natural beauty. We are committed to maintaining the tranquility and ecological integrity of the environment, ensuring a harmonious blend of community and nature for generations to come.

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